The Fascination With Mini Dirt Bikes


During the 1960s, the mini dirt bike wheelied into the scene and staunchly latched itself into the hearts of millions who were either too young to ride or too strapped for cash to buy a full sized bike. Every year, thousands flock to witness the Mini Grand Prix. A certain audience still exists today for the freedom that comes with owning a mini bike. For people who like to feel the wind in their hair as they cruise daringly across a variety of terrains either do not want the commitment of a full-scale bike or are not of a licensable age, the mini bike is for you.

There are dozens of reasons why this bike has become such an integral part of two wheeler history. The first and most valid reason that mini bikes continue to hold a steady audience is because of the younger crowd. If you are a parent, the safety of your child is paramount. Mini bikes give youngsters the rush of riding a bike without many of the risks such a venture would generally entail. This is because of the way the mini dirt bike is built. While still powerful to conquer any hill or steep slope, dirt bikes have a less powerful engine than their larger counterparts, making them an especially safe option for speed-happy teens. Some bike manufacturers even throw in a speed governor feature which stops the rider from going above a predetermined speed.

Mini bikes are built to take more than a couple of dents and crashes. Reliable manufacturers will provide a builder’s guarantee that the bike has passed all safety checks. This is where spending a little extra money to buy a pre-assembled bike makes a difference. For a mini bike to be safe and fun, the manufacturer will generally provide good quality off-road tires designed for good traction even on the most uneven of terrains. It is also important to make a note of the braking system for the bike, especially if the bike is being bought second hand. A cut in the braking cable during a crucial moment can lead to more than just a banged up bike. Proper seating conveniences and overall smooth handling can make riding a real pleasure. Riders should always be decked in protective gear, especially during the learning phase. This not only prevents major injuries but helps develop confidence without the fear of falling.

Some people swear by fuel-powered mini bikes while others prefer the quieter electricity-powered ones. Depending on the situation you choose to use your mini bike in, these preferences can change. Of course, this also changes the efficiency of your bike and how you choose to use it. For example, some users say is better to use electricity-powered bikes for more tae ventures while the gas version is the preferred choice for jumping and trail racing. The displacement of dirt bikes can vary up to 110 cc and more often than not offer reasonable mileage. So grab a bike that suits your taste and hit the trail.