Saving Money on Auto Maintenance and Repairs

Auto Maintenance

During these more difficult economic times with the price of everything going up while occupations and wages are decreasing, the typical man can help themselves conserve some cash on car repairs as well as upkeep.

Doing a little homework and shopping around can give great results in every area besides auto cellular telephones. Right tire pressure is the most easy and really effect means to assist with prolonged and fuel economy tire life. Up to 50% and simple 3-5% fuel economy increase longer tire life with routine turning may accumulate during the course of the year.

The best thing I’d urge is using fluids and synthetic oils. Not all Synthetics are the same. Many important commercially publicized businesses offer synthetics, but the sole one out there that’s a synthetic that is true, when it comes to maximum protection and extended drain period is AMSOIL.

AMSOIL is the single one which could maintain a 1yr./ as well as the first synthetic advertised in 1972 25,000 mile oil change interval. As a mechanic and store proprietor I’ve been using it only for over 20 yrs. with great success. A number of my customers have saved hundreds of dollars per year and a lot of hours of time with visits and fewer dislocations to the garage.

I’ve personally seen several of my long term customers the previous 15 yrs. get 500,000 plus miles on their engines with no reconstruct using AMSOIL motor oils, while getting min. 3-6% increase in fuel economy and passing state discharge tests.